Basic Computer Tricks You Should Know

 At that time,  Almost all people should use a computer and know about this how to use it in the most basic situations. Turn it on. Open the internet browser. Make a written script. Make a printout. Computer knowledge is a must if you want to be relatively competitive or, at the very least, considered a normal functioning human being.

Best Computer Tricks

So, if you're adamant about sticking to the basics and don't feel it necessary to learn a 'geek' as a second language, here are a few Best Basic Computer Tips to help you be more productive in the tech world. Even if you consider yourself to be above the basics or a computer aficionado, some of these tips might be new to you and very useful.

CTRL + Backspace Key

Keep down CTRL and Backspace at the same time to delete a single letter. To delete multiple words, hold down the CTRL key and keep tapping the Backspace key until you've removed everything you need to get rid of.

ALT + Tab

This Basic Computer Tip is especially useful if you use a laptop. Keep down ALT and TAB to move to another open window (for example, if you have Word, the internet, and Excel open at the same time). This will allow you to quickly move on to the next open program without having to rely on the dreaded touchpad for help.


When you have several sites open at the same time, hold down CTRL and W to close one at a time. This action will close the tab you are currently on and redirect you to the next open tab.


Again, if you don't want to reach for your mouse, this trick will come in handy. To illuminate the address bar, hold down CTRL and L at the same time. You can start typing right away to go to a new website.

Window + D

If you want to minimize all programs, including the one you're actually using, press Windows and D. This will return you to your desktop.


When you're on the internet and need to open a new tab, press CTRL and T at the same time. This Most Basic Computer Trick will help you get there faster.

Window + L

This is an Excellent Basic Computer Tip for anybody, anywhere. To lock your screen, press CTRL and L any time you leave it.

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