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What Is Computer Cookies

Cookies refer to the small amount of data which are stored in a user's computer like Username and Password. It consists of Information that your computer store as a particular file located inside your browser. It is also known as Web Cookies, Browser Cookies, Internet Cookies, and HTTP Cookies.

Types Of Cookies

There are mainly four types of Cookies that play an important role-

HTTP Cookies: HTTP cookies is a small piece of data sent from a browser when the user browsing it and this data store in a user's web browser.

For Example, when the user browses the websites, the browser shows the cookies sent from the server that notifies the user of previous activity.

Session Cookies: It Stores the information in a temporary memory location and after the session is completed it will automatically delete.

For example, when a user Browse the website and the browser shows the cookies-like form in which the user inputs the information that tracks the user movements within websites.

Third-Party Cookies: Third Party Cookies are those Cookies that are created by the domain that is set by a website other than you have visting one.

It is mostly used in Online advertising and tracking.

Security Cookies: Security Cookies refer to the security component that works only on HTTP and HTTPS. Its usage is limited and has very secure connections. It doesn't perform on scripting languages.

For Example, Secure cookie doesn't work on JavaScript, etc.

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